Bring your own wine or beer

Since 2010, Rouge Boeuf has been providing our guests with an extraordinary, yet affordable, culinary experience where each visitor is guaranteed a quality meal for lunch or dinner. No matter the occasion, Rouge Boeuf offers a unique gastronomic experience, whether you are with family, your significant other or a group of good friends.

Our History

Rouge Boeuf was founded by a passion for food and a desire to combine unique flavours and ingredients in order to provide an experience like no other. By traveling all over the world, Gabriel Perazelli had the chance to discover different cultures, taste a variety of flavours and spices and expand his already refined palette. With his love for food, came his love for wine. Upon his return to Montreal, he decided to follow his passion and penetrated the Bring your own wine market by starting his own brand - Rouge Boeuf.

The Rouge Bœuf family is in constant expansion with already 7 restaurant across the province of Quebec.